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Our project is an ID badge tasked to help keep your employees socially distanced and up to date on their health and those around them in the workplace that are at risk.
Our Device, aptly named SD-ID will check real time distances to employees around them and log when distance requirements aren’t met, using this data and external data on health and past covid contractions to determine who is at risk.
All of which data is stored in a database and records can be accessed and employees added via a website with secure login and an easy to interpret interface for any age employee to understand

UN Sustainable Goals

There are multiple SDG goals that our project can represent. In particular, with IBM and Shireland collegiate, who are both companies who require covid safety in their respective environments. Thus meaning that a device like our could quickly not just workplace efficiency but workplace moral too as people can come in to their place of work without worry that they are mingling with those who have covid or getting too close to people outside of their bubble.
SDG 1, no poverty
SDG 1;  No poverty is an issue solvable indirectly via our product as in many countries, healthcare is a cost that a large portion cant afford. By allowing people to avoid the virus, people can use their recourses in other areas more beneficial to their lifestyle such as housing and food which would help their body’s nutritionally and their general day to day wellbeing, avoiding a loop of illness and hospitalisation in poorer countries.
SDG Health and wellbeing
SDG 3; Good health and wellbeing is a priority to us as a company as we are aiming to protect those in working environments and give them more semblance of normal life. The essence of our project gravitates around the current pandemic and the new health practices that may arise from it in the future.

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