Team Members


Jensen Burns

In charge of developing the database and writing the Python code to connect the devices to it.  The team’s marketer, working primarily on displaying the product to the outside.


Abida Ahmed

Web developer creating the front-end web interface in HTML/CSS to display the information contained in the database in an easy to understand manner.


Jay Bennett

Responsible for the software development on the Raspberry Pi devices, writing the distance detection code in Python and setting up the Linux environment. Demonstrator for the project at Innovation Fest.


Kyle Clarke

Server side developer in charge of retrieving information from the database, and presenting it to the web interface. Ensured the project remained on track and on schedule.


Members Of Birmingham City University

Our project has been developed in conjunction with Birmingham City University, who have provided the hardware as part of the Innovation Project module of the BSc Computer Science course.


Daniel Foster

Hardware developer, completed the wiring of the devices and designed the casing. Additionally, edited the promotional video for the device.